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2018 NDNGA Convention Speakers and Topics

Bridget Behe – Those Millennials  and  Guaranteed Success!

Dr. Bridget K. Behe will present two seminars.  In the first, she will explore differences between the Baby Boomers and other generations. These differences will lead to new methods of marketing, recruiting, and labor relationships if your business hopes to succeed.  The second seminar will focus on plant guarantees, and how they motivate consumers to buy plants, who thinks they matter, and what they can do for your company.  She will cover the what, where, why, and how of plant guarantees for retail plant sellers. 


Jayne Roberts – Location, Location, Location!

Jayne is back to talk about perennials! She will cover perennials for lots of different locations, old and new, tried and true.  If you have wind, sun, shade, or whatever, Jayne can talk about her favorite perennials and give suggestions for those locations.


Steve Jones – Back to Basics!

If you grow bedding plants, don’t miss this seminar.  Steve will cover the basics of growing including water quality, fertilizing, growing medium and so much more. 


Eric Brooks and Albert Koch – Three Blocks and a Cloud of Dust!

For those landscapers who do Hardscape, OSHA is going to be enforcing the rules regarding silica dust in regards to landscaping and construction.  Eric Brooks is from the OSHA office in Bismarck to review the law.  Albert Koch is from Bismarck State College and will cover what you need to do and how you can be compliant with the rule to protect yourself and your workers when out on the landscape job site.


Nels Peterson – Landscape Lighting for Outdoor Living!

Nels is going to cover how to sell lighting from the design perspective.  Then, he will cover how lighting is not just an add-on but how to incorporate lighting and audio in every project. Finally, he will cover what’s new in landscape lighting and outdoor audio, adding extra income regardless of the project budget.


Judy Sharpton – Judy I  and  Judy II!

Judy Sharpton needs no introduction.  She was so sick with pneumonia she could not come to the convention last year and has vowed to make up for it this year.  She is therefore coming to present two seminars covering garden center layout and design, marketing, and Proven Winner plants – the same topics that are part of the Proven Winner Roadshows held throughout the United States. Get this great information from a great speaker!


Stan Wulf – Now, Where Is That!

How often have you wasted time looking for a shovel, seed, or some other item that should be in a certain place?  Stan Wulf is going to cover workplace organization, the benefits of being organized, how to do it, and then how to sustain it too.


Ben Geffre – Flame Not Flash!

Many of our landscape members install fire features.  Ben will cover the why and how-to of installing properly so you and your customers can enjoy the beauty and use without having to worry about accident and injury.


Shannon Berns – Marketing and Social Media!

Shannon Berns has a small business called Dunord Consulting, and she specializes in how to market on social media.  She says how and when to post are very important. But, should you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms?  Whether you are a complete beginner, or a seasoned social media pro, this will be an excellent seminar for your business.


Alisha Asleson – Pretty As A Picture Plants and Displays!

Alisha Asleson from The Plant Connection will cover what’s new in plants for 2018 in addition to her favorites from previous years.  Alisha will also cover how to build some unique plant displays to market and sell those pretty plants so you can watch them waltz right out the door.