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NDNGA Convention Speakers and Topics

Don EngrebretsonDesign Secrets to a Beautiful Landscape and Power and Permanence: Using Natural Stone in the Landscape!

Don Engrebretson, also known as the Renegade Gardener, is going to present two seminars.  In the first, Don will explore why some landscapes look pleasant but others take your breath away.  For years, Don was the Field Editor and garden scout for Better Homes and Gardens magazine where he noticed the difference.  Come learn the five key secrets to creating a beautiful landscape.  In the second seminar, Don maintains no material used in the creation of beautiful landscapes matches the versatility, impact, and power of stone.  Emphasis will be on stone patios, sidewalks, pathways, steps, walls (both retaining and freestanding), stone garden bed edging, and outcroppings. Creating streams, waterfalls, and ponds will also be touched upon. 


Kelly SanquistSavvy Succulent Showpieces!

Kelly turned her passion for gardening into Kelly’s Cottage Garden in 2005.  Now, more than 20 years later, Kelly is still enjoying creating beautiful moss baskets and succulent containers of all shapes and sizes.  Kelly’s Cottage Garden and her beautiful creations have been featured in Northwoods Woman magazine. Bring your employees and be inspired!


Don JoskoDon’t Get Hosed – Use Automatic Watering Systems!

Most people don’t realize how much money they can save on watering.  Yes, watering!  Join Don Josko as he shows how installing and using automatic watering systems can be a very profitable and labor saving investment.


Sue AmatangeloAbsolutely Beautiful Containers!

Sue is the new regional representative for EuroAmerican, but she is not new to the horticulture industry.  In fact, Sue has written a book with the same title of “Absolutely Beautiful Containers” so bring your staff to get lots of great ideas for wonderful containers and combinations for your garden center.


Suzette NordstromYour Customers – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!

Suzette is a well-known speaker and friend of the industry.  In fact, a few short years ago, she received a national award as one of the best sales representatives in horticulture.  Suzette will present a seminar on the changing attitudes of your customers from the Baby Boomers to the Millenials, Generation X, & Y.  Studies show the customer’s attitudes and expectations are changing, and you may need to change also if you want to succeed in business for the future.


Keith Knudson - Fish and Salad!

Keith not only teaches Aquaponics but practices it as well in his business.  Keith raises fresh water fish like perch and trout and then uses the water to grow vegetables.  Come and learn about this interesting operation right in the heart of North Dakota near Bottineau, North Dakota.


John MoeLandscape Design, From Napkin to Computer!

There have been many landscape jobs sold with a concept drawing and quote on a napkin or piece of paper over a cup of coffee.  John is a landscape designer for Bachmans, and he will cover CAD and how it works compared to hand drawing. He will also cover how to get started using CAD, what system he uses, and compare several different systems.  Oh, yes, he’ll cover how to charge for the drawings, who owns them, and how to protect your time and investment too.


Dave KleinIntroduction to No-Fines Concrete Backfill!

Many of our landscape members met Dave Klein at the 2016 Hardscape Classes held in Bismarck and Fargo.  Dave is a certified NCMA retaining wall instructor, and at this convention seminar, he will cover a fairly new concept being used more and more in the Twin Cities landscape community especially in confined areas near property lines.  Bring your crews and learn.


Esther McGinnisLet Your Landscape Dance With Grasses!

We’ve all heard about Dances With Wolves so let your landscape dance with grasses. Versatile, drought resistant, and interest for summer, fall, and winter – grasses can’t be beat.  There are so many beautiful varieties to use for both your garden center and landscaping customers.  Esther will cover both native and non-native species and give recommendations for what to use where. 


John BallShow Me the Money: Marketing Tips for the Design Build and Garden Center Industry!

We sell trees and shrubs at our garden centers, and/or we install trees and shrubs into our landscape jobs.  BUT, are we making money at it? Come to hear John Ball’s recommendations so we can all say yes, we DO make money selling trees and shrubs.


Dan Traas and Ron ZillmerTree Planting and Care: A Practical Approach to Success!

They’re back!  Remember 10 years ago, how you learned about tree care while laughing through the whole session.  Well, by popular request, Dan and Ron are back to do the session again.  Bring your whole staff to learn and enjoy this excellent seminar.

(Combined session with the North Dakota Urban and Community Forestry Association).